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Bryophytes is the scientific name given to a specific group of leafy nonvascular plants. The Bryophytes. These include liverworts and mosses.

These plants can be a problem in lawn care, but mostly are a symptom of another issue, rather than the cause.

Bryophytes on lawns

If your lawn has a really dark, damp corner, then you may have a liverwort problem. For a very damp, compacted lawn you may get a moss problem.

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Battling the lawn moss epidemic

This year, moss has reached almost epidemic levels on lawns all across the UK, with very few avoiding being swamped by the troublesome and invasive Bryophytes! Last year I published a post about how the warm winter of 2011/2012 created fantastic conditions for moss. However, almost unbelievably,  this year has been much worse! After the second wettest year since records… Read More »