How NOT to scarify your lawn!

By | 06/04/2012
A badly scarified lawn

One of my lawn care customers is the proud owner of a gorgeous garden. Beds filled with exotic plants and a lovely lush, green, weed free lawn that sets it all off. That was until her gardener scarified it for her a couple of weeks ago.

In trying to save a bit of money, this poor lady now has to put up with a terribly patchy lawn. The grass probably won’t recover from the butchering inflicted on it for at least a year, and may even need to be done again properly in the autumn and re-seeded to bring it back to its best.

Thatch in a lawn
Thatch left in a lawn after a bad scarification.

To say this was a rushed job is an understatement. There is obvious banding in two directions where strips have been missed. Whole chunks of lawn have been untouched, while other sections have been completely destroyed. In many places, a thick layer of thatch still smothers the lawn meaning the bare areas won’t recover at all.

Get a professional to scarify your lawn!

I really take pride in the lawns that I care for. It breaks my heart to see a lawn that I have worked on completely ruined by “gardeners” who are in it for some easy money and who take no pride in their work at all.

It is often better to not scarify your lawn at all rather than scarify it badly. The lawn can take an awful long time to recover, or may not recover at all.

So just a tip, leave scarifying of your lawn to your lawn care professional. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can do real damage!

If you need any advice on how or when to scarify your lawn, and live in the Exeter area, please get in touch and I will be happy to advise.


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