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The daisy is a very common lawn weed in the UK and around Europe. It is one of the most well recognised flowers in the fields and meadows around England.

The latin name for the daisy is bellis perennis. It is a herbaceous perennial and can quickly spread around a lawn environment.

Daisy in a lawn

Though it can be invasive, it is still considered a valuable ground cover in certain garden settings (e.g., as part of English or cottage inspired gardens, as well as spring meadows where low growth is required).

Daisies are an easy to control lawn weed. Find out more about this ubiquitous flower, and it’s place in lawns in the UK through these blog pages.

Daisy (Bellis perennis)

The daisy (Bellis perennis) is probably one of the best known lawn weeds, and is very common across all lawns in the UK. This ubiquitous little plant has many other names, including common daisy, lawn daisy, English daisy, marguerite, bruisewort, woundwort or even the noon flower. It is from the huge family of plants called the Asteraceae, which… Read More »