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Lawns in the UK can all suffer from a lawn disease. These diseases are mostly fungal infections which can infect a lawn at all times of the year. Some, such as red thread, are very visual and unsightly. Others, such as fusarium can be very damaging indeed.

Spotting lawn disease

To a professional, spotting disease on a lawn can be simple. However, for homeowners, they may be more difficult to spot. Gradual changes may not get noticed and curious spots may linger for a very long time.

If you think your lawn has a lawn disease it is a good idea to have it confirmed by a lawn care professional. A course of treatment can then be undertaken to minimise damage.

The first case of red thread disease in 2013

Red thread disease (Laetisaria fuciformis) is a fungal infection which can attack grass in warm, wet summers. In 2012, red thread rose to almost epidemic levels, infecting almost 70% of lawns in the South Manchester area. The recent wet weather has meant that the grass sward is damp for most of the day which are ideal conditions for… Read More »

Does your grass have a red thread infection?

In the England, we are currently experiencing a prolonged period of warm, wet weather. Such conditions are perfect for the spread of fungal infections throughout lawn turf, as damp grass traps spores and creates the ideal environment for their growth. The most common, especially at the moment, is the fungus commonly called “red thread” (laetisaria fuciformis), and I… Read More »