GQT: “Seaweed good for your lawn”

By | 06/08/2012
BBC Radio 4 Logo about seaweed

The Lawn Man is one of the few lawn care companies to recommend seaweed treatments for your lawn. It is a fantastic additional tonic to include with your lawn care programme and I can apply it as standard alongside my regular treatments, or as a one-off bio stimulant treatment to give your lawn a boost during tough weather conditions.

Seaweed bio stimulant for your grass

Expert gardeners have long promoted the health-giving properties of using seaweed in your garden, and in a recent episode of Gardeners Question Time on BBC Radio 4, the panel discussed the benefits of using a liquid feed on your lawn:

Matthew Wilson:
“Liquid seaweed is a very good lawn feed. They are particularly good for the times when you don’t know when the next rain is coming.”

Bunny Guinness:
“It is a Tonic, not a feed. It greens it up, a very good pick-me-up”.

Listen to this section of the episode here: (Episode link no longer available)

If you live in the Exeter area and would like to take advantage of enhanced lawn care services, including using bio stimulant feeds on your lawn, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kris Lord

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