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Autumn is an important time of year for lawns in the UK. The grass is coming out of a hot (hopefully) spell. Cooler, damp conditions mean that it can put on some good strong growth before winter.

Autumn is the best time of year for any major lawn renovations. The soil is still warm from the summer and the climate is generally damper, meaning any new grass seed will be off to a great start.

Autumn is an important time for grass

Autumn is also a great time of year for renovations as the lawn will be basically hibernating. In the UK, lawns are generally not used much over the winter due to the dark nights and cold temperatures. Get any renovations done soon and the lawn will have the whole of the winter to put down great roots structure ready for spring.

These months is a great time to put down an high potassium fertiliser. This will give grass an immune system boost get it through the winter unscathed.

Yellow club fungus (Clavulinopsis helvola)

Yellow club fungus is a species of coral fungus in the Clavariaceae family. The latin name for the species is Clavulinopsis helvola. The generic name Clavaria comes from the Latin Clava, meaning a club and helvola means pale yellow. It is literally a ‘pale yellow club’. Club fungus will grow to a a similar height to mown grass, so can be overlooked easily.… Read More »

Question: Fertilisation after scarifying?

I received this question about fertilisation after scarifying from a Mr. Pricket in September 2017 through my ask a question page. Hi Kris, I’ve been through the annual slog of scarifying and re-seeding the lawn. Slightly concerned as I really tucked into the thatch and left quite a lot of open space between plants. Once the seed takes… Read More »