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Treatment 6

The focus during the cold winter months of January and February is primarily on the control of moss, toughening of the grass and maintenance of a dark, lush colour.

It is also beneficial to keep an eye on the grass for any signs of fungal infection and keeping it tidy. Leaves and debris left on the lawn, if left, can kill the grass underneath.

The grass grows very little during this time, so fertiliser is not necessary and any weed control may be ineffective. It is also important to keep any disturbance of the grass to a minimum, so aggressive cultural treatments such as scarification should be avoided in the winter because the grass is unable to recover quickly due to the low light levels and temperatures.

Information about Regular Treatment 6

Main benefits of the sixth lawn treatment

  • Check up of the grass, and tidy.
  • Control of moss.
  • Maintaining a dark green lawn colour.
  • Help toughen the grass during the winter months.

Disadvantages of the sixth lawn treatment

  • The moss control treatment will turn any areas containing moss black, which can be a visually striking, but is quite normal.

Recommended time of year for application

Time of year for treatment 6
– If conditions allow – Recommended time

Treatment 6 is applied in January or February. However, the exact time will depend on the local weather conditions and the date of the previous treatments.

Weather conditions needed for application

Treatment 6 can be applied in nearly all weather conditions, as long as the lawn is not flooded or covered with snow.

Lawn preparation

There is no preparation needed before the winter treatment can be applied, although it would be beneficial if all the leaves are removed from the lawn beforehand.

Treatment waste

None of the standard treatments produce any waste that the customer needs to dispose of.

Lawn aftercare

If the moss is thick on your lawn, then once it has been turned black it can be raked out or brushed off the lawn.

Additional recommended treatments

If the weather and ground conditions are favourable a mid-winter aeration treatment can be carried out. Aerating during the winter means that the soil can recover and relax for a couple of months before spring.

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