Heavy rain delays autumn lawn regenerations

By | 02/10/2012
Rain on grass leaves

In keeping with the rest of 2012, September has seen an enormous amount of rain fall in the region. This has meant that many lawns have been off-limits due to saturated ground and standing water.

Heavy rain in the autumn

In Manchester, we don’t get a long window to carry out the much needed Autumn lawn scarification rounds. This is due to the fast fading light and the inevitable onset of winter. This can be upon us as early as the first week in November. If the new lawn seed is not sown well before the first frosts, then it has to be put off until the following spring. This is less than ideal.

I only carry out lawn treatments when the conditions on your lawn are right to do so. If your lawn is far too wet, then I won’t go making the situation worse. I will not pressure you into having the treatment done and turning your lawn into a quagmire.

Only treat lawns when conditions are correct

Thankfully my customers only ever pay for work that has been completed to a high standard. There is no pressure in their minds to have pre-paid work rushed to completion in less than ideal conditions.

If your lawn is saturated with water (i.e. it “squelches” under foot) then the best thing you can do is just be patient. Stay off it and wait until it dries out. Unfortunately, the amount of heavy rain we have had this year in the North West of England, that may mean a long wait!

The problem for the lawn care business owner in this situation is that it will mean some long hours over the coming weeks as I rush to try to get all scheduled lawns completed!

Kris Lord

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