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In the UK moths on a lawn are most likely Grass Moths (Crambus pascuella). Also commonly called the Inlaid Grass-veneer. These small insects live on meadow grass and other wild grass areas.

Although these ones found in the UK are related to the more destructive cousins in the US, They should not be confused with them. They are not the same species which cause the “sod webworms” damage. These terms are not relevant to UK lawns.

In the UK, grass moths do not cause any noticeable damage to lawns. I do not recommend trying to control them. They are just the fascinating part of the biodiversity of your garden.

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Question: White moths on my lawn?

In November 2019 I received this question via my Ask a Question page. The reader asks about seeing lots of small white moths in his lawn. The Internet contains many articles about Sod webworms and many UK lawn owners maybe concerned about these American pests invading their British gardens. Find out the truth if you see these small white moths in your UK lawn.