Will I have to sign a contract for lawn care treatments?

No. You will not have to sign any contract for lawn care treatments.

The Lawn Man’s treatments are part of an on going lawn care programme. Extra treatments are sometimes needed. Treatments maybe sometimes postponed or cancelled altogether due to bad weather. You may decide to have some building work done or you fall ill. It is complicated to have to rearrange treatments which are already paid for. Or a shame to waste your money on pre-paid treatments which may not be needed.

Don’t be tied down

The Lawn Man will only send an invoice for treatments once they’re completed. There is no contract for lawn treatments. If you wish to cancel a treatment before it has started, that is no problem at all. If extra work will benefit, it can be arranged without problem. This you to have complete flexibility over your lawn care programme.

Your lawn care technician will also keep you informed of any local issues which may affect your lawn. There may be an outbreak of a fungal disease or a new treatment available. Flexibility is not possible when you are tied into a contract.

Your local lawn care technician

It is also good to know that visits out to a lawn, maybe to look at a particular issue, are completely free of charge. Customers often call as they have found something curious on the lawn, for advice or to plan future work. It is no trouble to pop out to visit and have a look.

The Lawn Man only services customers in a limited area. This is to ensure visits to customers are regular and sometimes as soon as requested.

You can be sure that expert lawn care advice is close by.

A nice lawn
A lovely lawn after lawn treatments