A green lawn in autumn

I live outside of your area, can you still visit?

My area of service is around the UK city of Exeter and surrounding towns. If I have to travel a long way to visit a single customer, regular treatments for other customers get delayed.

In exceptional circumstances I may be able to visit a customer very near to my service area. A fee may apply for these out of area visits and later treatments will be subject to a supplement. Get in touch if you would like to request an out of area visit.

If it takes me an hour to reach a new customer, it will take an hour to return. This could mean an hours job would actually take three hours to complete. The time this takes, plus the extra fuel cost, would impact my efficiency for treating other lawns.

I have developed my service area over the years so that I can service customers quickly and efficiently.

This is the full area on a Google Map Here

If you are unsure about my service area please get in touch and request a lawn survey. I will contact you if I am able to visit your lawn and will provide appointment slots.

I live outside of your area, can I Ask a Question?

If you do live outside my service area and would still like some advice feel free to use my Ask A Question service. You can find it here on my Website. Fill this in with as much detail about your lawn issues as possible. Please also include pictures if you can. I will then try my best to reply with some advice. Please be patient though as I only do it in my spare time when I am not out making lawns look beautiful.

I do not ask for any payment for this service, only that you allow me to use your question as an example on my Website. Your personal details will be confidential. I will only publish pictures relevant to your lawn question. I am always happy to receive follow ups about how your lawn is getting on. If I do answer your question, please keep in touch with progress.

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