Top Dressing

Smooth the bumps in your lawn, plant your new seed and improve your soil.

A great way to improve the condition of the soil beneath your lawn is to apply a top dressing. This is usually a fine, kiln dried mixture of soil types such as sand, loam and organic matter which is spread evenly over the surface of your lawn and then smoothed in.

The amount of top dressing which is required and the dressing used varies depending on what you are trying to achieve. A light dressing of kiln dried sand a loam is easy to handle and a great dressing for all lawns. Heavier dressings usually contain more organic matter or even topsoil which can be used to help level uneven lawns or help to establish new grass plants.

Applying a high quality top dressing to your lawn brings substantial benefits including:

  • Reduction in thatch levels
  • Improvement in drainage for the top layer of soil
  • Improvement in the general soil structure
  • Improved water and nutrient retention
  • It also provides a visual solution to unsightly cracks and undulations due to soil settlement.
  • It also help to “plant” and new grass seed in the soil, improving germination rates.

After applying a top dressing service, it is good practice to run a drag mat or lute over the surface of your lawn to help work the new soil into the surface of the lawn.

Information about top dressing

Recommended time of year for application

Time of year to apply a top dressing
– If conditions allow – Recommended time

You can apply a light top dressing at most times throughout the year. However, it is usually applied in spring or autumn and in conjunction with the other regenerative treatments.

Heavy dressings are usually recommended for the autumn or early spring.

Weather conditions needed for application

Applying a top dressing can be done in most weather. However it is much easier to do on a calm, dry day. This is so that the dressing is distributed easily and can be worked into the grass without clumping.

Lawn preparation

You can top dressing to your lawn without any prior preparation. Although if your lawn has a thick thatch layer, a scarification treatment is generally recommended beforehand.

Time needed to apply a light top dressing

The time taken to apply does depend on the size of your lawn. Applying and working in a heavy top dressing can take several hours.

Treatment waste

This treatment does not produce any waste.

Lawn aftercare

There is no particular aftercare required after a top dressing. If an overseeding has taken place before hand, then I recommend following the overseeding aftercare instructions.