Growth Regulator

Everyone loves owning a great lawn, but some people just don’t enjoy mowing them.

During the summer month’s, most people want to enjoy their lawns, not spend their weekends maintaining it.

A growth regulator is an advanced liquid treatment which redirects the plant growth from above the ground to below the ground. It works by blocking the growth hormone within the plant which is responsible for the vertical, leafy growth, but the energy is not lost. Instead it is diverted to produce more lateral and downwards growth. This increases the thickness of the lawn and improves rooting. A growth regulator really helps drought tolerance and greens up grass.

This treatment is ideal for holiday periods during the summer, applied before you travel means no over grown lawn to come home to.

Information about the growth regulator treatment

Benefits of the growth regulator treatment

  • Encourages sideways growth to thicken the lawn.
  • Increases root thickness.
  • Improves drought tolerance.
  • Reduces the speed of upwards growth, reducing the need to mow.

Disadvantages of the growth regulator

  • It is one of the more expensive treatments.

Recommended time of year for application

Time to apply growth regulator lawn treatment
– If conditions allow – Recommended time

The lawn growth regulator treatment is applied in the spring or autumn, when the grass is growing strongly.

Weather conditions needed for application

The growth regulator treatment is a spray treatment so it ideally needs to be applied on a dry, calm day, with no rain forecast for at least 6 hours after application.

Lawn preparation

There is no preparation needed before the growth regulator treatment and it can be applied alongside the regular lawn treatments.

Time needed to apply the treatment

It is a liquid spray treatment, so doesn’t take long to apply, although this will depend on the size of your lawn.

Treatment waste

There is no waste from this treatment.

Lawn aftercare

After this treatment it is recommended that the lawn is allowed to dry before use.