What to expect

Now it’s easy to grow the lawn of your dreams.

Here’s what to expect from the The Lawn Man’s lawn care service …

A tailored lawn care plan care designed around your lawn

With a lawn care programme developed to address your lawn’s specific challenges, your lawn will experience¬†dramatic improvements. Only treatments that your lawn needs will be applied, and using only the very best lawn care products on the market.

An honest lawn care service

Not all lawns can be saved, and grass cannot grow in all situations. The Lawn Man will use years of experience and knowledge and be honest about your chances for your lawn. If your lawn is in a hopeless situation (heavy shade or flooded) and is a lost cause, then you will be told and not be encouraged to throw good money after bad.

The attentive service your lawn deserves

The progress of your lawn will be monitored throughout the season, adjusting treatments as needed to ensure it is given all of the nutrients it requires, and you will receive a report back upon every visit.

In addition to your regular mowing and watering schedule, together we’ll make your lawn an attractive outdoor space which you can be proud of.

Expert care by a trained professional

Your lawn will be evaluated and treated by a fully train lawn care technician. All the appropriate pesticide application licenses will be in place to ensure safety.

Better results from the best products

Your lawn will only be treated with the best fertilisation products available, along with extremely effective full spectrum weed killers and other products. Hundreds of lawns across England have been improved by the The Lawn Man’s programme.

Guaranteed satisfaction

With The Lawn Man, your lawn will grow and thrive and become as beautiful. If something unexpected happens or the treatments don’t go quite as you expected, the issue will be addressed. If necessary, the lawn will be re-treated or repaired free of charge, guaranteed!

Don’t spend another year wishing for that perfect lawn.
Let The Lawn Man tailor a plan to make it beautiful … guaranteed!

A beautifully mown lawn in Exmouth
This is a beautifully maintained lawn in Exmouth which was regenerated by The Lawn Man in 2018.