How can you treat my lawn for not much more than it would cost me?

The Lawn Man’s lawn care service is only a lawn care service and only treats lawns. This means that several tonnes of fertiliser get used in a season. This bulk buying brings the cost to the customer down and the quality of the products up.

A lawn care service only treats lawns.

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Gardeners treat their own lawns with products they buy from garden centres and home improvement stores. These are often inferior lawn care products, almost factory seconds. They are just not good value and often make things worse.

Even a professional gardener only has access to these products. A lawn care professional has access to the best fertilisers and herbicides on the market.

Where do you think professional groundsmen at the premiership football clubs buy their fertiliser? The same place as The Lawn Man does.

A lawn care professional also keeps an eye on the industry. This means you can be among the first to know about new products or techniques in lawn care.

Good lawn care equipment is expensive

A professional lawn care technician uses the latest equipment in their trade. Expert spreaders and high volume chemical sprayers are expensive, but efficient. They use exactly the right amount of product for each lawn, minimising wastage and time taken on the job.

An owner of a single lawn cannot expect to spend hundreds of pounds on lawn care equipment. It’s just not practical. The average price of a lawn care service is the same as a few cups of coffee.

Is it worth hiring lawn care equipment?

Hiring lawn equipment is common question for more difficult jobs such as aerating. A lawn care technician owns their own equipment. So our price for aerating a lawn is often cheaper than the customer hiring the machine themselves.

It just makes sense. You gain a much better service and a better lawn, at a very reasonable cost.

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Kris Lord aerating a lawn
Kris Lord aerating a lawn in Exeter, Devon