How long does a lawn survey take?

For most lawns, a lawn survey usually last around 30 minutes. This can be shorter for small lawns, or longer for large lawns, but half an hour is a good guide.

It starts with a discussion about your lawn as this is important in planning your lawn care programme. You will be asked what about the history of the lawn and treatments that have been applied. It is also useful for your lawn man to know how the lawn has looked during the year and, if it has deteriorated, how fast.

I would also discuss your plans for the lawn. Do you have pets? Is it just for the family to enjoy or would you like to go the extra mile and create a fabulous lawn? Your bespoke lawn care programme takes these considerations into account.

Lawn survey measurements

The lawn is measured as the price for lawn treatments is dependant on the area of grass to treat. If you have more than one lawn you will get treatment prices for individual lawns and the whole property.

The lawn is examined and considered against many visual factors, including:

  1. Aspect and sunlight – A good lawn needs adequate sunlight.
  2. Soil quality – A great lawn needs a great soil to live in.
  3. Mowing issues – How a lawn looks usually comes down to mowing.
  4. Pests and Disease – Grubs and fungus often leave visual clues to an experienced eye.
  5. Thinning – The thickness of the lawn is important in which steps to take next.
  6. Grass species – Different grass species suffer and react to different ailments. Knowing which grass type is present is key.

You lawn technician takes several scientific measurements, including:

  1. Compaction – This is one of the most important, yet overlooked factors in the health of a lawn.
  2. Acidity – The pH of a lawn is important in planning the best treatments.
  3. Moisture content – Water available in the soil is important in the health of a lawn.
  4. Core sample – This is to measure the thatch layer and the type of soil the grass is living in.

Then a complete lawn care programme with total prices will be available to you on hard copy for you to consider.

You can then start on the road to owning a fabulous lawn.

A beautiful family lawn
A lawn is a wonderful thing that all your family can enjoy