My lawn is beyond help, can you make a difference?

A professional lawn care programme will make a difference to the look of any established lawn. That is, unless you are trying to grow grass in a situation which is unsuitable, such as in deep shade.

All lawns need feeding. The application of a good quality fertiliser is usually the first treatment. This is food for the grass and it provides the plant with all the nutrients needed during the growing season. After feeding you will see an improvement in the colour of the grass. It will start to fill gaps and grow well. Soon it will look lush and healthy.

The improvement is usually seen within days.

With most lawns the first treatment involves a herbicide to keep weeds under control. It is in these early stages of a lawn care programme where you will see the most progress. If your lawn has a weed problem, then the majority of these will die within the first few weeks of treatment.

Removing the weeds from a lawn go a long way to make it to look stunning.

Most older lawns have a compaction problem. This can be difficult to identify and even harder to remedy. A lawn care service can treat this common soil problem without fuss. Often at a cheaper price than hiring a machine yourself.

Nothing seems to work with my lawn

Many new customers have been trying for years to improve their lawn, only for it to get worse. The key to a great lawn is having the experience to identify problems. This is where a lot of people have difficulty as they just don’t know what to look for.

It can be a relief to have a professional explain problems and provide practical advice.

This enables you to just enjoy your improved lawn and gain piece of mind that it is in safe hands. You will soon be safe in the knowledge that the advice of an expert is just a phone call away.

My lawn has never looked better since having regular lawn treatments. Kris does a fantastic job. His prices are very reasonable, he is very reliable and highly knowledgeable about grass, its problems and solutions. He has transformed my lawn and I highly recommend him.

Mrs. Harrison, [Freeindex]
A green lawn in autumn
A green lawn in autumn