I work during the week, how can we manage lawn care visits?

All that a lawn care technician needs to apply a lawn treatment is access to the lawn. For many home owners this is easy to provide.

To manage lawn care visits, some home owners request contact before treatment. This would be by email, text or WhatsApp informing you that your treatment is due. You are not given a date far in advance as the weather and other issues can cause problems.

All you need to do is unlock the gate to the garden before you go out. Your lawn man can then treat the lawn during the day and will secure it when they have finished.

If you have provided an email address, a handy lawn review and your invoice will be emailed to your inbox straight away.

Manage lawn care visits

Some home owners do request their lawn treatment whilst they are home.

They may have an issue they wish to discuss or access to the lawn is through part of their house (a garage or alleyway for example). In this case, reply to the initial communication with the best dates for a visit. Your lawn man will be happy to manage lawn care visits this way.

If the only access to your lawn is through your house. Please be sure to lay down protective coverings over any areas of carpet or flooring on the route to the garden. This is to ensure nothing from your garden comes into your house, spoiling floors.

The Lawn Man will leave you an Invoice for the work for you to settle at your convenience. This will also contain suggestions and tips which you can do to improve your lawn.

They key to a good working relationship with your lawn man is communication. Reply to messages and keep in touch. They want your lawn to look great too!

The Lawn Man scarifying a lawn.
The Lawn Man scarifying a lawn.