What difference will I notice and when?

Many new customers do ask “what difference will I notice?” The lawns which see the fastest change after a treatment are those which have an extensive weed problem.

Broad leaf weeds are easy to control. A weed control treatment will see off the majority of these weeds in one treatment. An extensive coverage of weeds will may then then germinate new plants, but these are then controlled in the following treatment. Within two treatments your lawn should be completely weed free.

Within just a couple of months, your lawn will have zero weeds. Combine this with a feed to green up the grass and the improvement will be dramatic.

Treat the symptom, improve the lawn

If your lawn has an extensive moss problem, then we must treat the underlying problem causing the moss to thrive. The aim then is to strengthen the grass. Controlling moss is an on going battle.

If you have a thick, untidy lawn, a heavy scarification maybe required. In this case your lawn may have to undergo an aggressive mechanical treatment and will look a lot worse before it gets better. The benefits of this though is that in the long run, your lawn will be much improved.

Re-seeding some areas can take six months before they can be used like a lawn. This maybe needed if your lawn is beyond basic treatments.

A compacted lawn can see great improvements soon after a remedial aeration treatment. Giving the grass roots space to grow will improve the look of the lawn in the space of a few weeks.

Great lawns for the long term

It is much better to think of a lawn as a long term project than to expect short term improvements. Grass is a living organism and takes time to adjust and react to treatments. Nurture nature and you will be rewarded.

That said, give it the chance and it may thrive much more quickly than you imagined.

Plants around a green lawn in summer
A beautiful lawn compliments garden border planting.