Can you work with my gardener to improve my lawn?

Yes. A good lawn care technician is happy to work with a gardener and will have a good working relationship.

A lawn care technician is not a gardener

Many gardeners want the lawn of their client to look great. A nice lawn shows off the rest of the garden and acts as a backdrop to the rest of the plants.

A lush, green, well mown lawn looks wonderful. Good lawn care practices help the lawn to thrive, making the job of your gardener much easier.

Professional lawn care works in conjunction with other garden works. They key to success is good communication. A lawn care expert and a gardener rarely meet as their roles in the garden are different. A good lawn care service will always try to work with the gardener and leave advice and notes for them.

For most lawn treatments, the best time to apply is as soon as possible after mowing. This allows the fertiliser the longest time to work it’s way into the soil. A lawn care technician needs to know when it is to be mown because the treatment can be delayed if necessary. If the fertiliser is mown off the lawn that same day, time and money may have been wasted.

Gardeners are usually not lawn experts

Most gardeners are not lawn care experts. It is a different job. They rarely hold pesticide application licenses and are unable to source professional products.

The best slow release fertilisers are not available in garden centres and DIY stores because they are too expensive for small quantities.

For the best lawn, you should use a lawn care service for the treatments and advice, and your gardener for mowing and other plant care.

If you want a great lawn care service to work well with your gardener, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Strip of lawn and a nice plant border
A lawn care service can work in conjunction with your gardener.