Can you give me a price for a treatment over the phone?

Unfortunately I am is unable to quote a price for a treatment over the phone.

The price for a treatment not only depends on the area of the lawn, but also takes other factors into consideration. The location of the lawn, access for machinery, shape and how difficult the lawn is to treat are also factors.

A lawn with a steep slope or a property with access only through the house may need special consideration.

If you call for a price for a treatment needing a machine to complete, it may not even be possible to access the lawn. Awkward steps or narrow access must be considered. This needs to be assessed before the treatment can be booked in.

The benefit to you is that you can be certain that the quoted price will be the final price that you pay, with no hidden charges or sudden extra costs. You will not receive an approximate price. The price quoted will be final.

Often a customer may call requesting the price for a particular lawn treatment. But, yet upon seeing the lawn it is sometimes found that the lawn does not need that requested treatment. It may even benefit more from a cheaper treatment or even just sound lawn care advice.

Call today to arrange a quotation

Talking face to face with a professional lawn care technician can be invaluable. A professional lawn survey often reveals problems which you may not have noticed before. Solutions which are simple, but would bring about a big improvement to the look of the lawn.

A lawn care survey usually takes less than thirty minutes and is arranged at a time to suit you. So get in touch today and start the journey to owning a fabulous, green, weed-free lawn.

A green lawn and a beautiful herbaceous border
The benefits of a lawn treatment programme can be easily seen after just a few weeks.