Can’t I just buy the products myself?

Yes and no. You can buy some lawn care products yourself, but in general these are not great.

The home lawn care market is consumer driven. Home owners demand quick results from their lawn care products. This means that fertilisers bought in garden centres are often very high in Nitrogen and quick acting.

Applying quick acting fertilisers and strong weed killers is not great for your lawn in the long term. You end up drugging the lawn. It generates extra, weak growth which becomes a target for fungal diseases.

Professional lawn care products

A professional lawn care service has access to the best lawn care products in the industry. These are expensive and are not sold to the public.

Have you ever wondered how premiership football pitches look so good? They use the best grass feed, the same as a reputable lawn care service.

A lawn care service can afford to use these because they only treat lawns and buy in tonnes. This bulk buying power brings you the best materials at the best price.

Product licensing

In the EU and the UK there are regulations which control the sale of many chemicals. Over the years this has prevented selling chemicals to the public because of misuse. People have thrown them in landfills and poured them down drains, polluting the environment.

Chemicals are becoming increasingly restricted for sale to license holders only. This is to ensure a paper trail exists. All lawn care technicians are required, by law, to record the use of all restricted products. If there is any environmental contamination, the source is traced. This is impossible with general public sales.

If you want the best lawn care, you need to use a lawn care service, so get in touch today.

A home lawn football pitch
Enjoy your lawn, don’t waste hours trying to fix it!