Best time of year to start a lawn care programme?

You can start a lawn care programme at any time of the year.

The majority of new customers do get in touch in the spring. The lawn is just waking up and they realise that it needs some treatments to get it ready for summer. But, yet spring can be a difficult time to start a lawn care programme. There is little time to get the grass ready and looking great before the summer.

Many people also get in touch during the autumn. Their lawn is worn out from the summer, or they have tried to treat it themselves. They have finally realised that it has become too much and they need help.

Start a lawn care programme at any time.

Although you can start at any time, I prefer to start a new lawn care programme “out of season”. Either in the middle of summer or in the winter. This means that you can discuss and plan essential lawn work. You can be much more flexible with the treatments and you can treat when the time is right rather than rushing.

If you have a special event planned, such as an open day or a celebration, it is even more important to start your programme as early as possible. Some treatments can take a long time before the lawn reacts to its full potential. A new lawn can take up to two years until it is fully thickened.

The main thing to realise though is that a lawn care programme should be a long term commitment. Lawn care problems are rarely fixed in a couple of weeks. I have be treating some customers lawns for over eight years. Their lawn ebbs and flows with the seasons and they welcome, help and advice all year round.

A groundsman of a fine lawn once said, “Keep your lawn fed and mowed, and in eighty or so years you may start to have a decent bit of turf!

Don’t wait until spring. Get in touch today and start planning for a great lawn for the future.

Kris has done an excellent job, in only 7 months, of changing our lawn from a soggy, weedy, mossy, lichen-infested embarrassment into a very attractive, moss free lawn. We like his positive and direct style, his efficiency in keeping our needs in mind, and the reasonable costs. Well done, Kris

Mr. Harrop
A small fine lawn in spring time
A lawn care programme can be started at any time of year.