Are your treatments safe for children and pets?

The simple answer is that all treatments applied by The Lawn Man are safe for children and most pets. You must be cautious in some specific cases.

Children and most pets are at little risk from standard lawn care treatments. The amount of herbicides applied is tiny. The main advice for most treatments is that you wait until the the lawn is dry before using the lawn.

Two dogs on a lawn
CC Image by Janet Tarbox on Flickr

This is for two reasons. Once a herbicide has dried onto a leaf it cannot get onto the fur of the pet and licked. Although risk of any illness is small, this is the best way to be completely sure no harm is done. Also, some treatments may contain iron. In a liquid form this can leave a bad stain on wooden floors and stone surfaces. So allowing the lawn to dry will prevent kids or pets from bringing any into your house, staining new floors. Iron stains are difficult to remove.

Allow the lawn to dry after treating

The main safety concern occurs with very small pets who graze on the grass. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoises. If you own these pets and allow then to graze on the lawn then you must inform your lawn care technician. They will need to change the treatment schedule to keep your small animals safe.

It is not advisable for small animals to eat grass which has been recently treated with a herbicide or iron. Again, risk of harm is very low, but it is there. These animals are small, and the quantity of grass in their diet can be high. To be completely safe they should not go on a lawn for at least six weeks after treating. This gives enough time for any chemical residues to grow out of the grass.

Modern lawn care spray treatments only use a tiny amount of active ingredient. Often just ten millilitres of chemical spread over a hundred square meters.

Lawn care with children and pets

It is important to discuss your situation and any children and pets with your lawn care technician. Your schedule and treatments applied can be adjusted. This will ensure great results, while also taking the safety of everyone in your family into account.

If you are considering lawn care, but are worried about the affect of any treatments on your children and pets, then get in touch.