Lawn Survey Promise

Kris Lord, The Lawn Man
Kris Lord, The Lawn Man

Thank you for booking your lawn survey with The Lawn Man.

This is my lawn survey promise and details on what you can expect from me:

  • I promise to arrive on time.
    I know how important good time keeping is and I promise not to waste your time by arriving when I say I will. On the very rare occasions that I am unable to do this I will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the situation and reschedule. This can happen in unusual weather or accidents. Surveying a lawn in a thunderstorm would not be enjoyable for either of us!
  • I promise to be polite and professional.
    I have been invited to help you as a professional. You can expect professionalism from me.
  • I promise to be respectful of your property.
    I will not go to any part of your property uninvited. I will not need to go into your house unless it is the only way to gain access to a lawn you would like me to asses.
  • I promise to explain what I am doing.
    Some aspects of a lawn survey involve specialist equipment, which I am happy to explain. I also have full knowledge of all chemicals I use and I know how they will affect your lawn.
  • I promise to be honest.
    If your lawn is beyond help, I will tell you. My business relies on keeping good relations with customers and being completely honest with them about what they can expect with their lawn treatments is key to this.

COVID-19 Precautions

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus:

  • I promise to not enter your house at all.
    If access to your lawn is only through your house, then I may have to postpone my quotation until the coronavirus pandemic has passed Please contact me for more information.
  • I promise to adhere to current social distancing guidelines.
    Please see the Website for current information about this.
  • I promise to sanitise anything I touch.
    For example gate handles or taps needed to go about my job. Please aid me to not touch anything unnecessarily by opening gates for me, if possible.

What can you do to help the survey go smoothly?

You do not need to do anything specific, however there are a few things which can make the process of surveying a lawn a little easier for both of us.

  • Please clear the lawn.
    I will be looking at the grass, so it is easier for me if I can see all of it.
  • Please keep pets inside.
    If you have a dog, they can become very excited with a stranger in their garden. It is usually best they are not in the garden whilst I am there.
  • Please remind yourself of the history of the lawn.
    This is especially true if you have treated the lawn recently or have had another lawn care service. Some of the treatments I provide cannot be applied within a certain time of previous treatments, so a history of lawn treatments is good to know.

What will happen at my lawn survey?

A lawn survey usually takes around 20 minutes.

A lawn survey is a simple process. I will be taking many measurements and observations including:

  • The size of the lawn.
    Some lawns are very odd shapes. If you know the size of your lawn (e.g. from turfing) then then that can be a good guide to help me measure accurately.
  • The soil.
    I will check the soil pH and I will measure the soil for compaction. The soil is the life of the lawn and checking it is very important.
  • The grass.
    I will check the species of grass in the lawn. How it is mown and observe if there are any pests or diseases present.
  • The elements.
    I will check the aspect of the lawn and water availability for the grass.

Most importantly – I will ask what results do YOU want to see from your lawn care service?

What do you want from your lawn care service?

  • A family lawn for the kids to play on?
  • A fabulous lawn as a project?
  • A beautiful backdrop for your garden?
  • Or just to keep the weeds away without fuss.

What everyone wants from their lawn is different. Be aware though, many customers can become mildly addicted to improving their lawn and want it to improve further!

And finally …

If you have any questions at all about your lawn survey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kris Lord

Telephone: 01392 984236

Mobile, Text and Whatsapp: +447738 094589

The lawn man - Example lawn
 The lawn Man – Example lawn. This lawn was completely reseeded in 2014.