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Scarification in lawn care is the act of scraping the surface of the lawn with the intention of removing thatch and debris from the surface. It also brings the benefit of opening up the soil and preparing a surface ready for overseeding.

Scarification and lawn care

Scarifying is a very misunderstood phase in lawn care. Many folk seem to think that it is the magic treatment which will bring about a fabulous lawn. Others think a light raking is scarifying.

A good scarification should only be carried out when needed, and properly. Scarifying at other times can be problematic for a lawn or useless.

It is best to get a professional to scarify your lawn. Find out more about this important lawn care treatment in these blog posts.

Autumn is the time to scarify your lawn

Weather conditions recently have been very difficult for lawns. Drought and floods have weakened grass and caused ‘Red Thread‘ in many lawns. The effect of this has been to reduce the quality of the lawn’s surface and in many cases created the opportunity for moss to develop! But do not worry, Autumn is the best time of the… Read More »