2 thoughts on “Raking netted turf

  1. Rosalie

    This is our first experience with lawns, since we have always lived in the city with no grass. After moving to a home with a lawn, we seeded a shaded area using plastic netting last fall 2021. The grass is growing in well but has lots of bare areas. The netting is coming loose and when we tried pulling it up, it also pulled up the newly seeded grass. We are in panic! Afraid to cut the grass, for fear the netting will get caught in the mower blades and pull up more grass AND bind up in the mower. Do anyone have any suggestions about what can be done? HELP!

    1. Kris Lord Post author

      If it was my lawn I would remove all of the netting and re-prepare the lawn and re-sow it.
      At this time of year the grass will be up again in no time and you will be sure your grass will be plastic and pest free.


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