Lawn patch repair – A picture guide

Even the most well tended lawn can develop bare patches. Leaving footballs on the grass, spillages, moles, large weeds, dog damage and even winter leaves can cause areas of your lawn to die off. But what is the best way to a lawn patch repair and fix up these areas? Here is my pictorial guide to repairing a damaged lawn.

Question: White moths on my lawn?

In November 2019 I received this question via my Ask a Question page. The reader asks about seeing lots of small white moths in his lawn. The Internet contains many articles about Sod webworms and many UK lawn owners maybe concerned about these American pests invading their British gardens. Find out the truth if you see these small white moths in your UK lawn.

Question: Lawn cutting heights?

I received this interesting question from Craig in October 2019. He asks an interesting question about lawn cutting heights during the year. How high should I mow my grass is a common question from customers. From a professional point of view, higher is always better. Find out how high you should be mowing your lawn.