3 thoughts on “Chafer grub life cycles stage

  1. Rose Drew

    Hi there, we also have potted plants. When re-potting, we saw many white larvae, but with a few curled up legs. Small very round eggs, some broken open, some still closed. Vine weevils don;t have legs from what i understand. We took no pics: we were too busy getting the nasty things off of our plants!

  2. Gill Moore

    Thank you so much for the pictures. I have problems with a small garden and flower pots and you are the first people to show the eggs. I thought that’s what they were and have been destroying them. Now I know I am right! I shall return to had sorting for the moment and then sort out some treatment later.

    1. Kris Lord Post author

      Hi Gill,
      A lot of eggs of insects do look quite similar. Slugs and vine weevils are more likely to be your problem in pots, and their eggs do look similar to these. The latter are especially destructive to pot plants and are much more common in small gardens. Chafer grubs are more of a pest which inhabits open ground and lawns.
      Thanks for reading.


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