The Lawn Man is the professional lawn care service in Dawlish.

My name is Kris and I am The Lawn Man. I provide a reliable and affordable lawn care service to all lawns in the Dawlish area.

I have been a professional lawn technician since 2010. Hundreds of satisfied customers who have entrusted me to keep their grass looking great all year round.

As a lawn care professional I am educated in the safe use and handling horticultural chemicals. I am also fully trained and insured. The Lawn Man is not a gardener who has a go at lawn care on the side. I ONLY treat lawns and have all the equipment, products and expertise that a full time lawn care business requires.

For a professional lawn care service in Dawlish…
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An affordable, professional, domestic lawn care service for Dawlish

My core service involves regular visits to your lawn, up to six times per year. This is to apply any appropriate seasonal treatment to your lawn and to provide valuable, professional feedback on your grass.

I also provide a variety of one-off services, such as aeration, scarification, moss control, over seeding and a variety of enhancing lawn treatments to help get tricky lawns under control.

A small front lawn in Dawlish
A small front lawn in the seaside town of Dawlish

Lawn care services provided include:

I do not:

  • Mow lawns
  • Cut hedges
  • Do “garden tidy ups”
  • Provide garden plant advice.

For these services you need to employ the services of a local gardener.

Main lawn care issues in Dawlish

Dawlish is 12 miles south of the capital of Devon, Exeter. It is straight across the estuary of the river Exe from Exmouth. It contains a real variety of houses, from small terraces to larger homes with wonderful sea views. There are also a lot of new build housing estates being built. Lawn care in the Dawlish and Dawlish Warren area is certainly needed and presents a variety of challenges.

Being on the coast, the soil is generally good but sandy. There can be some seams of clay. Dawlish is on the coast and made famous by the main railway line which runs along the sea wall. Older lawns are often compacted though so aerating and top dressing and is always useful in these situations. The major issue is drought in the summers from drying winds, sandy soil and the hot sun.

Red Thread is in the area. Dawlish does not seem to suffer from pest problems too badly, although chafer grubs are sometimes trouble.

Lawns in Dawlish can look fantastic. They just need regular treatments and an expert to spot problems before they spread. If you live in Dawlish, get in touch with The Lawn Man today.

Lawn care customer testimonials

Delighted with my lawn. It was frankly a mess and Kris has managed to make it look lovely in a short space of time. Even had a comment the other day that my lawn was looking great from a passer by!! Success!

Mrs. Moore

Kris Lord
The Lawn Man

Tel: 01392 984236
Mobile: 07738 094589
Taking Calls: Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm, Answerphone at other times.

Small front lawn with a small tree.
This well-mown front lawn was aerated and scarified. It reacted positively to lawn treatments and had never looked better.