Mowing your lawn around lawn treatments

I am often asked about mowing your lawn around lawn treatments. I am flexible as to when I visit to apply a treatment and will always be able to work around your mowing schedule, if needed. Mowing around your lawn treatments can be a little complicated. It depends on the condition of the lawn and treatments which are… Read More »

Are you mowing your lawn too short?

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your lawn is to mow it well. Mowing your lawn too short is a fast way to ruin the look of any lawn. The best way to a great British lawn is to keep your mower blades sharp and the cutting height high! Mowing your lawn too short is a… Read More »

The easiest ways to improve your lawn this summer

So many people want a beautiful looking lawn to finish off their garden. As a lawn care professional, I see the same problems on lawns over and over. Many of these struggling lawns can be dramatically improved just with simple fixes. From my years of experience and a lawn care professional, here are my easiest and ways to improve your lawn this summer.

Treatment 6

The focus during the late winter months of January and February is to keep an eye on the lawn for pest damage and fungal diseases. Control of moss can also be carried out to help keep any moss issue at bay. It is also beneficial to keep the lawn tidy of any leaves and debris left on the… Read More »